rimary cleaner

?Navarang? take a pride in introducing itself as a prominent manufacturer of primary cleaner which is one of the Best machine for a comprehensive dust ? proof cleaning plant with law maintenance and easy operation specification.

Primary cleaner as understood From its name has pre-aspiretion For fine cleaning.Its warm Rill ? removes the attached dust from Products.So the products have Lowest percentage of middling And maximum level of cleanliness When its enters for secondary Cleaner.It is uniquely designed to Separate the rough material and Dusty particles from all types of Seeds,Spices & grains which are very diffult to clean.
NPR-01 2 TO 4 TPH 2800 X 900 X 1500 1 HP
NPR-02 3 TO 5 TPH 3700 X 900 X 1500 1.5 HP
  • Suitable for size cleaning.
  • Three stage cleaning.
  • Best Brush system for seaves cleaning.
  • Cyclone & Blower for dust cleaning.
  • Efficient for Grain,Spices & Pulses.