ibro Destoner

Navarang De-stoner or grain Separator are highly functional destoner machinery and used for removing heavy stones/mud balls/metals etc. from cleaned and graded products.

The basic principles of destoner involves flowing of dry-granular material over an inclined vibrating screen ? covered deck for which it is possible of stratification of the product in to heavier the bed of material.

The vibrating deck pushes the heavier material which is in contact with the deck upwards towards the stone discharge spout. The lighter material flows down the indined, vibrating deck and exits through the clean product that often needs no farther refinement.
NDV-01 1.5 TO 3 TPH 1600 X 700 X 1700 0.5 + 5 HP
NDV-02 2.5 TO 4 TPH 1600 X 1150 X 2000 1 + 7.5 HP
NDV-03 3    TO 5 TPH 1600 X 1350 X 2000 1 + 7.5 HP
  • Suitable for Excellent stone Saparation.
  • Independent turbo air Extraction system.
  • Adjustable air ? volume.
  • Efficient for Grain,Spices & Pulses