ibro Separator

Navarang Vibro Seperator has a wide range of applications such as not only removes large impurities like stick,grass & leaves but also removes fine art and sand from products in seeds cleaning plant.

They equipped with two & three screen which is oscillated via top screen and bottom screen whereas top screen removes large and coarse impurities like,stick,dust etc and lower screen purify fine durt and sand.

There are vibrating motors that are mounted in the center for vibrating of the deck containing the screens.There are four hollow rubber springs on which vibrating deck is mounted in such a way that a vibrating free motion is achieved. A swing down type door is also provided to ease to change or cleaning of screens.
NVS-01 1.5 TO 3 TPH 2800 X 1900 X 1500 1 HP
NVS-02 2 TO 4 TPH 2800 X 2000 X 1500 1 HP
NVS-03 3 TO 5 TPH 2800 X 2200 X 1500 1 HP
  • Suitable for fine cleaning.
  • Three stage cleaning.
  • Independent aspiration system.
  • Efficient for Grain,Spices & Pulses.